In the modern competitive corporate world, when the business houses are expanding their wings over the Global Nest, need arises to produce a quality talent pool possesses the skill set & the caliber to match requirements of the employers

A student graduating with a professional qualification has many expectations in terms of a good job, learning atmosphere, work environment and above all the remuneration. The dream with which he takes up a specific qualification cannot be fulfilled unless and until the student is equipped with the desired skill set which is required in the relevant field. This creates a gap between the academia and the industry. The endeavor thus remains to make the student employable in addition to evolving his skill set.

Keeping in mind this urgent need of industry, Bhabha Group has initiated a Comprehensive Training Program which aims at preparing every student to be the best human resource available.

Corporate Adoption

Bhabha Group understands the need for technology skills in the market. In order to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry, industry giants have 'adopted' our students from different disciplines right from the entry level and are trained over 4 years along with their academic sessions.