Rules Regulations

Rules Regulations 1. All the students must read the 'Rules and Regulations' carefully so as to make themselves fully familiar with them. In case of any clarification, the student/s must see the respective counselor. As ignorance of rules has no excuse the students are strongly advised to comply the systems and procedures set in the campus.

2. All amendments to the above will be communicated to students through notice board. Students should check the notice board regularly for any notification.

3. The schemes of Teaching and Examination' shall be notified on the notice boards (as per UPTU Scheme of study and evaluation). Students are advised to regularly visit University website.

4. Students should not use unfair means in the University Examination as this will lead to lodging FIR at the police station as per the orders of the Government.

5. The Director may summarily suspend the student or group/batch/class of students who indulge(s) in acts of indiscipline, misconduct, violation of rules and regulations of the college, insult or physical assault to an officer, faculty or staff, without assigning any reason if the Director is satisfied that their continuation in the college would be detrimental to the interest of the college and students.

In all matters the decision of the DIRECTOR is final.