Computer Lab

College is having a well equipped centralized computer lab centre to cater the high profile students and faculty in the college. It is housed, in a magnificent state-of the art building having specialized laboratories to provide variety of platforms and computing environment for research students. The centre possesses HP ML370 & 570 servers alongwith four other servers and over 150 HP, Dell, Compaq & latest computer systems. In addition the centre has 4 SUN CAD workstations meant for use by students for their projects and research work. The center is fully networked through high- end intelligent CISCO switch, and possesses round the clock 10 Mbps leased line Internet Connection for the Wi-Fi connectivity for the academic, administrative and hostel blocks of the campus, with internet facilities on all the nodes. It is also having the latest versions of compilers, scientific, technical and engineering software, training kits etc. for the students of different branches of engineering.Computer programming is an integral part of B.TECH. programs. Besides, computer centre is also used for conduct of short term training programs for staff and faculty. Further computer centre houses the Microsoft MSDN Academy & Campus Licence Agreement with Microsoft Corporation for the use of all MS Software for the faculty and students. CollegeCampus wide Network Present Setup All the laboratories & faculty rooms are connected to the Computer Centre through wired / Wi-Fi Network to access the services in its computer centre College has specialised software laboratories in all the departments of the College , predominantly COE,CS, IT, ECE, EE and Maths departments. The academic buildings, library, administrative blocks and all the hostels of College are interconnected using wired/Wi-Fi Network. Each of the departments need to have their own LANs to be later interconnected using the proposed Optical Fiber Cable Network (OFCN). COE department has its laboratories connected with its LAN as of now and Admin Block is partially networked. The present network setup satisfies only the basic needs of the Institute's rudimentary Internet connectivity and minimal resource sharing for the connected departments. To put College on par with IITs and reputed NITs, it is necessary to use Information Technology as the backone for its academic, research, consultancy and administrative ventures. Computer Centre HP ML370 & 570 servers and over 700 P-IV Computers including 600 in Computer Centre. The main objectives of computer centre are:

• Extending the LANs of the departments by a canopy based wireless system so that all the buildings including academic, administrative, residential, hostel and creating hot zones throughout these areas
• Ensuring that all new buildings are brought under the network. Extending the network to the student hostels and faculty residences at an affordable cost so that the already existing PCs and LANs in these areas can also be connected to the network.
• Widening the bandwidth to satisfy its ever increasing academic and research demands from the present 10 Mbps to 30 Mbps.
• Deploying IT based services for the workflow and academic activities and ensure E-Governance.

The Canopy System with Tropos Routers Planned for College: It is proposed to have a mesh topology in the Canopy system with tropos routers for College. In urban corridors, large buildings can block the radio signal, while in suburban or rural settings, hills, trees, and other obstructions have a similar effect. Mesh topology creates wireless networks that use multi-hop paths to transmit IP packets between the initiation and termination points The ability to use different paths between any two points, based on the detected conditions (interference, power outage, obstructions, etc.) allows path redundancy that, in combination with relaxed LOS requirements, results in a very flexible and reliable system.