The Mission

"The mission of the BHABHA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is to prepare competent engineers, techno-crafts and researchers for various sectors of industries to meet the challenges and help industry and society for a better life."

"In modern times of globalizations, the mission of Mr. Mahesh Singh Chauhan and all it's institutions is to continuously improve infrastructure, attract and retain competent faculty members to provide, neccessory environment of multifaceted opportunities to students to achieve excellence, not only to meet the challenges of educational market but also to become a global player."

"To impart world class quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the field of engineering, technology and management and eventually to conduct Research and Development and offer Consultancy Services, in the said fields, as per contemporary needs."

"To continuously improve the quality of teaching-learning process an prepare professionals to meet the ever changing demand in time space. "

"To steadily strive for the overall growth and development if intellect and personality of the students who, as professionals, would be confident to face the challenges of the world of work ."

"To empower the faculty and staff for carrying out all their endeavor with a student centric focus.