B.Tech -Civil engineering

B.Tech -Civil engineering is a four year (eight semester) programme. This highly popular program aims at laying foundation on fundamentals of Civil Engineering is considered as mother all other branches of engineering .It includes planning , designing and execution of all civil Engineering projects such as building ,roads railway bridges, canals, dams, tunnels airports, seaports, water works ,sewerage system etc. Civil engineering provides a numbers of challenging career opportunities. Therefore, a civil engineer requires not only a deep knowledge about this branch of engineering but also executive and administrative qualities.
This engineering programme includes soft skill training and internship designed to give you transferable skills and invaluable working experience throughout the duration of this programme.


To produce well-groomed engineers in the areas of B.Tech - Civil engineering who will be able to make contributions in design implementations and execution B.Tech -Civil engineering Projects. The exposure given to the students will prove themselves worthy in the field as well in R & D.