Principal's Message

From the Desk of The Principal

Today the population of India has crossed a billion mark and youth constitutes the majority. It is estimated that soon India would be a nation with maximum youth power .A country with so much youth power can certainly become the most powerful nation provided this power is used optimally. Today’s youngsters are intelligent, sharp and hard working .We have to understand them and reply their queries in a logical manner. For this we need to be in their contact sufficiently whether as parents or teachers or members of the society.

In this way everyone’s role is important in the utilization of youth power. But amongst them teacher‘s role is most important. Parents can certainly give the good beginning, but developing them in the modern environment is the responsibility of the schools and teachers. My limited experience allows me to look at students with an attitude of respect and understanding, their attitude also becomes positive and our words have an influence on them. We have this opportunity in ample measure and if they make use of this, the desired results are bound to come. No doubt, this is a difficult and challenging task but this, "what life is". Therefore for the positive use of youth energy, it is essential that the conducts of all sections of the society become exemplary.

I extend my best wishes to all the stake holders associated with the school, especially our parents. Thank you for your faith in us. I hope we shall have a wonderful interaction and exchange of ideas in the years to come.