School Diary

  • All students should come to school in a neat, clean and complete prescribed uniform.
  • Hair should be combed & tied-up neatly. Use black hair bands and clips only for girls.
  • Children should wear proper undergarments to school.
  • School gates will be closed at 7.30 a.m. as per summer timing and 8.00 a.m. in winters. No child will be granted entry after closure of the school gate.
  • No half day leave will be granted. Parents must not sent the child to school at all if the child is sick or will not be able to attend full school.
  • No leave will be granted during the term exams. Children who miss the exam will be awarded zero. Average marking will be done if the case is genuine, or on the medical ground. This condition is applicable only once in an academic year.
  • The schools reserves the right, after a warning, to suspend the students whose progress is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students.