Our Process

The Preparatory Slab

The Preparatory Slab aims at cultivating effective learning habits in child’s mind and to avoid any kind of stress which may affect the natural growth of the child. The teaching learning process is through play-way methods in the guidance of professional educationists and child psychologists. A Nursery activity hall has been created for this purpose with a whole world of toys, picture learning charts, alphabetic and counting block games, pictorial story books, audio-visual CD’s on basic learning, sketch boards, moral cartoon films and many child loving items. A separate play-ground and a swimming pool has also been created for their encouragement along with the beautifully decorated class-rooms to prepare them for venturing into the outside world.

The Foundation Slab

The foundation Slab aims at shaping the right foundation of the child’s mind. The atmosphere in the foundation slab is livelier, more relaxed and informal. Other than the main scholastic subjects, special emphasis is given on Art, Craft, Music, General Awareness, Physical and Health Education (Games & Sports), Value Education and Work Education to develop sincerity and commitment since early age. Children are specially encouraged for vocabulary building and effectively communicating in English.

The Basic Learning Slab

The Basic Learning Slab provides the initiation of the career oriented learning process. Through the planned process of research-based teaching, efforts are done on strengthening of the concepts and basic understanding. We realized that this is the crucial stage, as if the child does not receive proper guidance here, he may completely loose interest in the subject. Regular and consistent evaluation is done, with a strong emphasis on speaking and pronunciation, reading and oral sentence formation.

The Growth Slab

Here we undertake to develop the knowledge base, intelligence quotient (I.Q.) and personality of the students. They are taught in small groups, learning co-ordination, delegation of responsibilities and leadership qualities. Class demonstration methods, vocabulary enrichment, self-studies, projects and reference work techniques would be employed. At this stage, while most schools are just driven by the board requirements, we strive to take an in-depth analysis, to cover the entire subject comprehensively, to prepare the student for his / her final effort for success.

The Target Slab

The Target Slab ensures that the student now gets the right direction for the career he/she wants to take up ultimately. Qualified and professional teachers from different arenas of the required fields train the students for their competitive necessities at the national and international levels. Regular psychological, motivational seminars and workshops is organized by the school to boost them morally for their target achievement.