General Information

  • Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should ensure that their wards prepare their home assignments and take active interest in the school activities.
  • Parents are required to sign their wards progress report or any other information communicated through this diary, when so required.
  • All communications with the school should bear the scholar number, class and section of the student.
  • Parents / Guardians or others are requested not to meet the student or teachers during class hours without Sanction of school authorities.
  • Early departure will not be granted except in emergency. An authorized escort should bring a letter signed by the parents. The parents should make their own arrangement for transport in such cases.
  • Any change in the address and phone number must be notified to the school office in writing.
  • All belongings of the students should bear, their name, class and scholar number.
  • All applications for leave are to be signed by the parents.
  • No pupil suffering from any contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend school till he/ she brings a medical certificate of fitness.
  • Irregular attendance, constant negligence of work, insubordination to teachers, habitual in attentiveness in the class obscenity in word or deed, willful and repeated breach of the school regulations severally or collectively will lead a pupil to serious punishment or expulsion.
  • Scribbling on walls, desks and boards as well as tearing of pages from exercise books or school diary is punishable.
  • Every endeavor will be made to ensure the safety and welfare of the children. However, the school shall not be held responsible for claims arising out of physical injury and material loss due to accidents.
  • Co-operation of the parents is indispensable for the proper education of the children.


  • The school provides bus facility to it's students as per the existing routes.
  • All those who desire to discontinue the bus service must give a one month prior written notice.
  • All children who use the school bus in the morning are required to go back by the bus too.


  • In order to safeguard your children from strangers parents are required to introduce to the class-teachers the guardian/driver/ rickshaw puller responsible for collecting the child from school.


  • Infection diseases like conjunctivitis, skin diseases, chickenpox etc. should not be sent to school.


  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than 2 consecutive days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls: re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee.


  • Visiting time for parents to meet the Principal- parents are advised to meet the principal with prior appointment.
  • On Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 10.00 am to 11.00 am.
  • Parents can also meet the Vice-Principal, Head Mistress and teachers only by prior appointment taken through diary or telephone on Wednesday and Saturday at 9.00 am to 11.00 am.
  • Parents are not permitted to go to the class rooms to meet the teachers during regular school hours.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline.
  • The student's profile form of the school dairy should be filled correctly and promptly.
  • Any change in the address or telephones number must be informed immediately to the school office.
  • Kindly check the diary everyday and send the home work notebooks and the Home work sheet regularly for correction.
  • The child should bring to towel, napkin and handkerchief daily to school. The child's name should be written on his belongings.
  • Oily, Spicy, Junk food should be avoided so that the books are not stained.