B.Tech. - EE

B.tech Electrical Engineering (EE) aims to provide a solid core based on Electromagnetic and Power electronics which form the basis of Electrical Machines, Power and distribution and generation and electric power transformation. The core also includes exposure courses to Solar, Wind and Fuel cell electric power management and plasma electric systems. The courses have an integrated outlook including Electrical Power, Electronics Hardware and software and firmware. You are, of course, allowed to take courses from other groups some of which will count as core courses towards a major in EE. The group also strives to provide enough industrial practices in the above areas. Electives are made available in the above areas and some of the electives have been specially designed keeping in mind modern industry practices. Thus, you will be able to take electives in power metering, Solar PV cell generated power generation and networking, Manufacturing of cables, Switch gear design, Electric Panel Design, Electric Motor design and manufacturing, modern materials in Electrical Eng., Power over Ethernet, etc.

Bhabha College Of Engineering Code - 355 philosophy each of the courses offered have a rich backup of experimental and project work. Student groups will be guided to work out projects and find solutions using Bhabha College Of Engineering Code - 355 Lab and workshop facilities. These could range from finding better ways to meter, to comparing HVDC with HVAC transmission etc. The outcome of the set of courses offered by this group is to make an engineer who can work in the areas of Electrical Power and machines in various functions from Design to operation to management and to Transmission and distribution apart from other fields which will open up in the future. The Bhabha College Of Engineering Code - 355 educated Electrical Engineer will have a sound foundation in theory, be a thoroughly practical experimental engineer who is aware of current practices.


  • To provide the students with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge covering a wide range of subjects To ensure that the student is knowledgeable about all the opportunities available in this vast field. And that they are best equipped to take advantage of those opportunities
  • To ensure that the student is aware of all the opportunities available in the field and that he/she is well equipped to take advantage of them.
  • Equipping their minds to further push the boundaries of the field
  • To expose the students to the emerging technologies and latest trends in the industry